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is a Consultation right for you?

I offer a limited number of video consultations for those wish to receive personalized guidance in conjunction with my DVD/Online program, Healing the Hidden Root of Pain: Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome.

The DVD/Online program was designed to reach the widest possible audience and the feedback I receive every day suggests that many are achieving significant relief.

However, Iliopsoas Syndrome can result in a great variety of compensatory muscular patterns and painful symptoms, and a video program designed for the many cannot hope to address every individual's particular needs.

Therefore a video consultation is an option for those who wish to receive individualized attention but for whom an appointment at one of my Vermont offices is impractical or impossible.


How it Works

Preliminary Questionnaire

The consultation process begins with a questionnaire. It provides me with a preliminary understanding of the issues you’re facing and gives me a sense of whether or not a consultation might be useful. If I think it might be helpful, I will request completion of the medical history form.

Medical history

The medical history form is the same one I use in my private practice. Once this form is completed and I review it, I may request that additional questions be answered via email.

zoom video conferencing Consultation

The consultation itself can be used for a number of different purposes.

Some choose to receive detailed, individualized coaching in using the DVD/Online program. This strategy can maximize the program's benefits, insure all aspects of the program are being performed optimally, as well as offer specialized instruction that keys in to your particular needs.

But others will opt to use the consultation for a broader discussion in order to address questions that have remained unanswered by the medical establishment.


Consultation fees

(I'm afraid I do not do any billing to insurance)

initial or one-time consultation (1 hour) - $175

The fee for an initial or one-time consultation can be applied to one of the coaching packages.

Follow-up consultations (3o minutes) - $95

The fees for up to 2 follow-up consultations can be applied to one of the coaching packages.


Coaching packages

These consultation packages include the development of an individualized plan based on the fundamentals of the Healing the Hidden Root of Pain DVD/Online program. The original program came out five years ago and since then I have further developed and refined the stretching and strengthening exercises I prescribe for my clients.

Also there are important muscular issues I'm able to address in coaching that I wasn't able to include in the original DVD/Online program but which can be key factors causing pain. Examples of such issues are pelvic torsion, dysfunction of the Tensor Fascia Lata and imbalances in the long muscles of the legs.

In addition, the one-to-one focus of the coaching model enables me to identify such issues as the presence of pelvic torsion or the nuances of compensatory muscular patterns. 

The Coaching Package includes the development of an individualized plan and a total of either 3 or 6 (1-hour) video conferencing consultations during which your progress will be monitored.

3 hour Coaching package - $495

6 hour Coaching package - $895



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