Fee Schedule for Treatment

The Fee Schedule is purely an honor system. No financial information is ever requested. Please choose your category based on total annual household income.


Category 1

(Household income above 200K)

First visit: 175

Ongoing treatments: 160


Category 2

(Household income 150K-200K)

First visit: 160

Ongoing treatments: 145


Category 3

(Household income 125k-150K)

First visit: 140

Ongoing treatments: 125


Category 4

(household income 100K-125K)

First visit: 125

Ongoing treatments: 110


Category 5

(household income below 100K)

first visit: 110

Ongoing treatments: 95


If the above is beyond your means but you believe I might be able to help you, please consider sending me a note to say so. At times I'm able to support a certain number of clients coming into my practice at a reduced rate.


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